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Company trainings

ILETA Germany

In addition to programs for everyone, ILETA Austria also offers special training packages tailored specifically for members of the security industry. They are not only suitable for equipping employees with additional knowledge, but also for expanding the range of services offered.

We offer:

In the area of Paramedic a well-founded training, which exceeds the standard of a normal first aid training by far. The training is subsequently confirmed by means of a certificate.

In the area of ILETA DART we offer a special program for unarmed self-defense, leverage and fixation techniques, as well as transport techniques and solutions for conflict management. The techniques are adapted to the legal framework.

In the area of Defense Security, we offer workshops for professional gun carriers that are tailored to everyday situations on duty. Topics include safety, weapons handling, manipulation, shooting from multiple modes of motion, individual and team shooting, and first aid for gunshot wounds.

If you are looking for an opportunity for your company to train your employees in these areas, please feel free to contact us!

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